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Zap That Zit with a Pimple Patch!

Zap That Zit with a Pimple Patch!

Attention! Calling all acne-sufferers and pimple poppers! Picture this– You’re days out from an important event, and you feel that unfortunately familiar feeling of a foe forming on your face. 

An itch! A tingle! Suddenly, a sore, uncomfortable bump is born. Eek! Out of sheer panic, you begin to pick and squeeze that spot, trying desperately to turn your fingertips into a magic spot eraser. But the squeezing and picking leave you with an even more red, inflamed, irritated spot. 

Before you know it, you spiral into a mad tornado of googling DIY remedies and spot treatments. Stop right there!

I used to be just like you. I would pick my skin apart, and all that left me with was inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and scarring. And I found out the hard way that popping your pimples can push acne-causing bacteria deeper into your skin, causing even more pain and inflammation. Ouch!

Not anymore! After diving into the wonderful world of K-Beauty (Korean Beauty), I am proud to announce I am no longer guilty of picking my pimples. In my search for new skin gems, I found an innovative holy grail product to stop my eager fingers from squeezing my spots — pimple patches!

But do pimple patches work? How do you use a pimple patch? What are the benefits of using pimple patches? Good questions!

The Benefit


We all know how quickly new habits can form, for good and for bad. Unfortunately, I had formed a terrible habit of picking my skin and popping my pimples. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep my hands off my face. That is where the pimple patch saved me! When I covered my spots, I couldn’t pick my skin, even if I tried to. I finally allowed my skin the opportunity to heal, instead of creating an even worse spot on my face.


Hydrocolloid pimple patches absorb gunk and impurities to help flatten the spot in as little as a day. I wear them overnight or sometimes for several hours in the daytime. Some pimple patches are nearly invisible on the skin, so you can wear them all day long and have them go unnoticed.


They are perfect for protecting spots from outside factors like pollutants, makeup, and the rough texture of face masks. Protecting your blemish gives it a better chance it has to begin the healing process.


Many spot treatments work by drying your spot out, but pimple patches work to create a barrier and keep your skin moist as your spot heals. This means no dry, flaky patches after your blemish flattens!

How to use a pimple patch

Wash your face and pat dry. Then, apply the pimple patch directly onto clean, dry skin. 

You want to apply the patch before the rest of your routine so that the patch makes direct contact with your blemish, instead of just absorbing your skincare. 

Once your pimple patch is secured onto the blemish, complete your skincare routine, as normal. 

You will know your patch is working because as your patch absorbs impurities the clear patch will turn white. After wearing it overnight or for at least 4-6 hours, peel off the patch and see the strangely satisfying outcome of gunk your patch has accumulated. 

Now let’s go over a few different kinds of patches to help you find your perfect pimple patch match


Hydrocolloid patches absorb excess gunk and fluid and are nearly invisible when applied to the skin. These patches help to absorb oil and flatten active spots. They are particularly effective if your pimple has come to a head. They also work to help heal your spot by keeping the area protected from outside factors and infections. These patches are compatible with every skin type and a great option if you have sensitive skin.

Editor’s Pick:


These patches work the same way as the hydrocolloid patches above, but they have the added benefits of active acne-fighting and brightening ingredients like salicylic acid, niacinamide, vitamin c, and tea tree. If you have a stubborn spot, these patches will help flatten and reduce the redness of your pimple overnight. 

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If you are struggling with cystic acne, you may want to try a microneedle pimple patch. These patches are designed to deliver acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid or tea tree oil directly into your spot and dive deeper into your skin. 

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They even make patches in adorable decorative shapes like stars, hearts, and aliens so that when you feel your worst, you can make your blemishes look their best. These patches have all the gunk absorbing goodness listed above, plus the added benefit of making your face look like a piece of art.

Editor’s Pick:



To recap, pimple patches can be a great way to cover, protect, heal, and even help you stop popping your pimples. In addition to their many benefits, you now know how they work, and the different kinds offered on the market. 

So the next time you feel that terrible tingle under your skin, don’t panic! Just reach for a pimple patch and watch your spot flatten before your eyes. 

I hope these patches help heal your blemishes, soothe your mind, brighten your spirit and give you the confidence you deserve to face the world, pimples and all! Wishing you many happy skin days ahead.

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