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Spring 2022 Fashion Trends 

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends 

Despite the rollercoaster of high and low temperatures we’ve been met with the past few weeks, spring is around the corner and so is spring style. From what we can predict from recent trends and international Fashion Weeks alike, there will be some fresh versions of older trends as well as new ones. Here are the Spring 2022 trends to look out for.

Light green

The 2017 “Greenery” Pantone color of the year isn’t going anywhere – in fact, it’ll be a huge color incorporated in the fresh and airy looks of this year’s spring season. Shying away from neutrals and incorporating bolder, brighter colors will be a definite trend when the weather begins to get warmer.


It won’t be so much of an effort to keep warm, but rather decorative gloves will find their way more and more into mainstream style this spring. Mesh, sheer, you name it – gloves will be a fun accessory now more than ever to harness elegant and upscale vibes in looks curated this spring. 

Maximal Layering

Layering has been huge these past few years, and it is a chokehold on fashion only continuing going into this spring season. The more you can layer, the better, and the more detailed your outfit, the more on-trend you’ll be. Tiktok is one of the best places to find layering inspiration, so check out maximal layering and experiment with what you like. 

Feather Trim
We’ve been seeing a lot of it already, but luxurious feather trim on the ends of sleeves, pants and dresses will be huge in every color and style this spring. Whether your satin pajamas have a feather trim to give them a little extra flair or your work blazer incorporates feather trim, this is one you’ll also be seeing a lot of. 

Patterned Tights

The 70s called and they want their funky tights back – too bad spring 2022 is taking them over. Variations of colored tights and designer-logo tights have been circulating through season trends for a while, but now, the funkier the better: tights are becoming statement pieces themselves. Whether they’re abstract or monochrome, patterned or graphic, give tights a shot this spring because they will be everywhere. 


Western fringe has been having a moment for a few years now, but all kind of fringe is about to take over. Remember when you used to cut fringes on the ends of your t-shirts in high school to make them look cooler? We’re not saying this exactly is coming back but well…. Be prepared to see all variations of fringe as the weather gets warmer this spring. 


This fun shade of color-red is another one that we’ll see all of clothes, shoes, and accessories very soon. It takes the powerful, bold undertones of red and mixes it with a slightly softer, lighter hue, making it easier to integrate into your looks and even mix with other colors. It’s a great way to spice up any look! 

Preppy Anti-Academic

Academia continues to reign supreme as one of the favorite aesthetic trends, but anti-academic or rebel-academia is making its way into the scene just as quickly. Think school uniforms without following the rules; this trend encompasses short-cropped hems, holes, oversized tops with no pants – basically, anything that wouldn’t fly at any school with uniforms will do. 

Draped Pieces 
We’ve seen this elegant look on countless celebrities already, whether it’s a faux-wet look or just a classic elegant drape. Whether it’s on your shirt, a long skirt, or a dress, draping is going to be another way to integrate high-end feeling pieces into your wardrobe this spring.

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