Amber Sabri

Amber Sabri is a Rutgers University graduate and PR professional. Her interests revolve around fashion and beauty.

Bianca Shaw

Bianca Shaw is a Chicago-based actor, voice actor, writer, and graduate of the Second City Conservatory and Severn Darden Graduate Program. She won the 2019 Mary Scruggs Works By Women Festival, and her first feature-length script was a Semifinalist in the 2020 Screencraft Action & Adventure Screenplay Competition. Her interests revolve around skincare, beauty, and comedy.

Devyani Aggarwal

Devyani graduated from Yale University in 2018 as a double major in History and French. On her blog, Art & Style, she writes on the fashion, art, and food scene in and around Paris. She also works as a freelance writer and digital creative.

Julia Dolinish

Julia Dolinish is the owner of her own business, Julia Anne Virtual Assistance, and specializes in social media content, and copywriting. Her interests include fashion, beauty, and lifestyles of twenty-somethings.

Nayah Lawrence

Nayah Lawrence is a Business Marketing and Fashion Merchandising & Textile student. Her interests revolve around fashion, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

Wiktoria Czajka

Wiktoria is a student at London College of Fashion.