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Scrap The Standard

Scrap The Standard

How to stop following trends and start setting them.

2020 does not seem to be getting any less crazy, anytime soon and the beauty industry is not planning on doing so either. It is no secret that the fashion and beauty industries love to constantly push new societal trends and redefine what is normal. Whether it be taller heels, shorter skirts, neon eyeliner or blinding highlight, the limits always seem to be ever-evolving. Sometimes, it feels impossible to keep up with what is in and what is out. Following the trends through social media, celebrities, and influencers can be overwhelming and discouraging. But that can all be avoided by one simple piece of advice: 


Stop looking to others to see if what you want to do is acceptable. Stop minimizing your own creativity by relying on social media for inspiration. Stop seeing being different as something to be afraid of and stop seeking approval from society. 

If you are going to remember one thing, remember this: art does not give a f**k about the normal. Art is not created for the advocacy of uniformity and homogeneity. True art advocates for individuality, fearlessness and discovery. You do not see high fashion models walking down the runway in average jeans and a tee.  Haute couture designers do not go to a store or on Instagram to find a blueprint for their creations. Rather, you watch one-of-a-kind, unparalleled outfits, makeup, and hair mystify a crowd without ever thinking twice about the need for instructions, rules, or approval.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night was not remembered, for over a hundred years, for being a perfect reflection of other art during the time. Instead, people admire this piece because of its abstraction and rejection of the mainstream. Van Gogh did not create his masterpieces by simply looking around and imposing slight alterations onto other existing works. In fact, Van Gogh is an icon because he did the exact opposite. Instead of following suit to the trends, Van Gogh listened to his own, internal creativity. 

So what does that mean? It means that you will never get ahead of the trends if you are always following behind them. Do not let yourself be bound to the expectations of others. Take control and discover yourself; Define what is trendy, beautiful, and cool on your own terms and proclaim it confidently, even if you are nervous or think you may be judged. Who cares if none of your friends are wearing bright glitter and dark lipstick to that party. If that is what you want to do, do not hold back on behalf of them. The truth is, you will probably receive more compliments and recognition than those with the same-old, same-old mascara and neutral shadow look. And chances are that later on, you will start to see those around you start to carefully follow and mimic what you did weeks ago. After all, that is what makeup and fashion were created for. Be a leader, express yourself without constraint and NEVER ask for permission. 

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