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Best of Beauty: What our Editors Will Use in 2022

Best of Beauty: What our Editors Will Use in 2022

Bye-bye 2021! Even though we will leave most of 2021 where it belongs (including your toxic ex, right?), our editors found a few gems that they will still be using in 2022. 


“My go-to product of 2021 has to be the Maybelline Lash Sensational Boosting Serum. It has become a staple in both my skincare and makeup routine. I love using it on days that I’m wearing no makeup to still give my lashes a lift. I also use it as a lash primer for days that I am wearing makeup. The Lash Sensational is definitely my most used product of the year!”


“Benefit Gimme Brow+ Tinted Gel is one of my most used products this year. I have pretty thick eyebrows so this helps me correct and tame them. I have not been getting my eyebrows done as much lately, so this gel helps me fill in any sparse gaps. I love this eyebrow gel because it lasts all day and night. Also, I always get compliments about my brows when I use this product!”


“The LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask is a product that I have begun to use religiously this year. In the past, my lips have been extremely sensitive to weather and humidity changes and that has caused them to sometimes get extremely dry no matter what I was using on them. Unlike other products that constantly have to be reapplied for effectiveness, this mask can be worn before bed or even with makeup for soft, supple lips without the hassle.”


“My top beauty product from 2021 is probably my Mac Extended Play Gogablack Lash mascara. I bought it randomly off of QVC one late night, and it’s been my best purchase since. It holds like waterproof mascara but comes off easily, and it gives my lashes the perfect curl. I could leave the house without anything on my face but I need this mascara to make me feel a little human.”


“My current favorite makeup product is the lipstick Pillow Talk by Charlotte Tilbury. The formula is so smooth and easy to use. The color is so complimentary and perfect whether it is for a date night or a simple makeup look.”


“My favorite beauty product of 2021 is hand-down Lotion Yon-Ka. I am so glad I discovered this mist toner. It drastically changed my skincare routine for the best. For a great start to my morning routine, I love leaving it in the fridge overnight. I even use it as a mid-day pick-me-up on top of my makeup.”

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